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Discover our range of used machines and special offers.

LTC supplies accessories for LTC and Huvema machines from our own stock

Address: Hoogschaijksestraat 37-c 5374EC Schaijk - Due to off-site activities from July 18 to August 11, no visits are possible!

Metalworking machines, accessories and spare parts

LTC Metalworking machines

LTC offers lathes and drill milling machines of our own brand. We buy these machines directly from our manufacturer, allowing us to provide excellent quality at very competitive prices.


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Met handige opbergruimte

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Dit vergroot het over te brengen vermogen in de lage toeren t.o.v. variabel aangedreven hoofdas

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Metalworking machines

LTC supplies a wide range of machines from our own stock, including an extensive selection from the Huvema range.
We are exclusive dealer of Huvema.

Metaal afkortzagen

Bent u op zoek naar een zaagmachine? Ontdek ons assortiment zaagmachines online bij LTC.


Bent u op zoek naar een boormachine? Ontdek ons assortiment boormachines online bij LTC.


Bent u op zoek naar een boorfreesmachine? Ontdek ons assortiment boorfreesmachines online bij LTC.


Bent u op zoek naar een draaibank? Ontdek ons assortiment draaibanken online bij LTC.

Slijp en schuurmachines

Bent u op zoek naar een slijp of schuurmachine? Ontdek ons assortiment slijp- schuurmachines online bij LTC.


Bent u op zoek naar een plaatbewerking machine ? Ontdek ons assortiment online bij LTC.

Special offers

Machines from a showroom for example, a short used demo machine or new machines with minor damage etc.

    Spare parts and accessories

    LTC provides all parts for our own line of LTC machines from our own stock.
    In the event of an unexpected breakdown of your machine, or when it needs maintenance, our technicians are ready to get your machine back in optimal condition

    In addition to the parts on this site, we have thousands more in stock. We keep adding new parts to this site step by step. There are also many parts in stock from machines that are now out of Huvema's program. Several parts are also universal and can be used for machines from other suppliers.

    Can't find the part or accessories you are looking for on our website?
    If so, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form. We will do our utmost to help you!


    Hoogschaijksestraat 37-c
    5374EC Schaijk.


    Opening hours

    Saturday 09:00 - 13:30
    And by appointment

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